UNOX - Professional Ovens


Unox manufactures ovens in all of these categories. They are the largest oven manufacturer in the world.

A CONVECTION OVEN – Is equipped with one or more fans and is designed to move hot air efficiently around the chamber to evenly cook the food. A professional convection oven is highly portable and suitable for baking frozen bakery, pastry products or simple products such as shortcrust pastry, which do not require special climatic conditions during the baking process.

A CONVECTION OVEN WITH HUMIDITY – Is equipped very similarly to the convection oven but with the addition of steam. In this case we want to measure air speed, air temperature and humidity in the chamber. A professional convection oven with humidity is suitable for bakery and pastry, however it may have some limitations while baking certain types of bread or baked goods, which require the use of a combi oven that can saturate the baking chamber with steam in just few seconds.

A COMBI OVEN – Is the ultimate professional oven.  It was created to cover all the climatic conditions necessary to complete a cooking process: from steam cooking to grilling. A professional combi oven can cook anything. And it is designed to withstand all conditions. 

A professional combi oven allows you to choose the percentage of humidity you want to have inside the cooking chamber. Moreover, thanks to some special technologies, Unox intelligent combi ovens can automatically recognize the amount of food baked, the characteristics and climatic conditions in which to operate by automatically adjusting the settings, to ensure the perfect result in every condition.