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Chef Quality Knives

Your knife and your collection of knives are the tools of your trade and there is a tool for just about every job. We will always bring you quality products and great service.

At Commercial Catering Supplies we have a saying when it comes to knives. “They are like shoes – what feels good in one persons’ hand doesn’t necessarily feel good to everyone” So we have assembled a range of knives that cover the industry standards, like Victorinox and Swibo and added touches of beautifully crafted knives like Shun, Wusthof and I.O Shen – if you can, come in and hold a knife, if you have already decided and are just looking for the best online price – then get in contact with us.

Chef’s knives are made with blades that are either forged or stamped:

Forged: A hand forged blade is made in a multi-step process by skilled manual labour. A blank of steel is heated to a high temperature and beaten to shape the steel. After forging, the blade is ground and sharpened. Forged knives are usually also full-tang meaning the metal in the knife runs from the tip of the knifepoint to the far end of the handle. Commercially made forged knives are struck in a power hammer to produce features such as the bolster.

Stamped: A stamped blade is cut to shape directly from cold rolled steel, heat-treated for strength and temper, then ground, sharpened, and polished.

We also carry a range of professional sharpening machines accessories and some specialty kitchen tools in this category