What Makes A Great Steak Knife?

What Makes A Great Steak Knife?

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to good knives…

There is some sense in that because knives are like shoes, what feels good on my foot may not suit yours – holding a knife is similar however there are some reasons you would class as critical criteria when selecting a knife.

Over the basics of comfort you really want to look for a knife that has a sharp slicing edge. You often find cheaper knives are serrated which can leave you sawing away your expensive cuts.

Weight is important, but it needs to be balanced. A heavier well weighted knife made from good quality steel will slice through just about anything with little pressure. It shouldn’t be hard work cutting your steak right?

if the knife bends under pressure – give it a miss – flimsy is not good and is a pretty good indicator that it has been made to a price point. Having said that we sell steak knives for $1 each to alot of pubs, but they choose them because they mostly get stolen….it’s a double edged sword for them.

It is only opinion, but I think you should be spending at the very least around $10 on a steak knive – with some being alot more expensive, usually attached tp a brand name like Wusthof, Global, F.DICK and so on. My pick personally for value for money is the Jumbo Steak Knife by Tramontina – visit here